21-24 April: Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid

Events for all of Europe in a beautiful place!
Holistic Education is Possible”
1. emAne Meeting, A Worldwide Link for A New Education: Thursday 21st April in the afternoon and evening. In the Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid

2. Pedagooogia 3000 Training
Friday 21st to Sunday 24th April (midday), Pedagooogia 3000 Intensive Training, Course I, “Holistic Education is Possible”.
Sierra of Guadarrama, Finca Lindaraja, 30km from Madrid (www.lindaraja.es), half an hour from Madrid’s international airport.

Information: Adhyayana22-educating ourselves with consciousness. educacio22@gmail.com www.adhyayana22.org 

Translations: This training is given in Spanish with translation available in English, French if necessary, please let us know ahead of time. Thank you

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